Meet The Literati_Yinka Alakija

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1Yinka. A seen in; Terrorist vs Liberator tee, Literati Linen trousers and Literati ‘ Jolomi’ slippers


-Introduce yourself-

Olayinka Taiwo Alakija. Family of six including parents and an identical twin.

What has been your favorite/defining moment since moving back to Nigeria?

My defining moment has been establishing a business presence in Agro business (Snail farming) in Nigeria for local consumption and international export.

4seen in expat-okada driver in lagos tee

What is Nigeria to you and what does it mean to be Nigerian?

Nigeria is challenging but progressive environment built on strong work ethics; where initiative, passion and enterprise, interwoven with creativity, a flair for fresh innovative concepts and a desire for improvement are encouraged with the potential of being viewed as an asset. Nigeria is home and a successful ground to all who see solutions, not problems.

2Literati ‘ Jolomi’ slippers

Having illustrious ancestry such as adeyemo Alakija and his work with the Nigerian youth movement as well as Adetokunbo ademola the first Nigerian Judge, what effect if any has this had on your outlook on life and Nigerian society?

There is always going to be huge pressures living up to societal expectations of any aristocratic dynasty, however Man must carve his own path in life, pray and not forget to be humble.

3From L-R Sir Adeyemo Alakija,Alake of the Egba King Ladapo Ademola II and son, Sir Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola

You are an avid lover of polo other than the glitz and glamour that is associated with it, what is a regular day for a polo player? How often do you train?

Polo is hereditary in the family. My Grandfather owned race horses in the 1930’s, my father played polo and still rides occasionally too. The girls in the family aren’t avid fans though. Lol. For us, it’s not just an equestrian sport; it’s a way of life. Discipline on and off the Polo field is key. A typical Polo weekend during the season at Lagos Polo Club is played over four Chukkas (competitive practice). Stick and Ball sessions are held on Friday evenings. An entire literature on Polo, Horsemanship, Pony welfare, handicaps and rules of the game are available, should any keen enthusiast be interested.

6Seen in the LITERATI POLO

Do you have a favorite horse? Tell us about him or her.

Nina. Nina is my favorite pony out of 5 horses in my stable at the moment. I bought her in 2010. She is a Sudanese mare and has played about 6 years of active polo. She reads the game extremely well and is super quick!


Ambition wise, what is the highest honor you strive to achieve as a polo player?

Polo players are rated via a handicapping system (ranging from -2 to + 10) i.e. +10 being the best in the world. I aspire to reach +3 goals some day.


Tell us about a significant turning point in your life.

Life is full of ups and downs; it’s really about dealing with each snowball as it comes. We learn everyday and can only hope for a better day than the previous!

What keeps you going?



If there was any one thing you could change about Nigerian attitudes on one particular issue / topic, what would it be? and what change would you wish to see.

Quite a few things would need to go but the biggest issue I find is the emphasis on MATERIALISM and living a Champagne lifestyle on Coca-cola salary!!!!  I can write an epistle on this matter as it saddens me profoundly. Peer and societal pressures driving people up the wrong part in life.

9Seen in the Literati futuristic tee

If you could go to the past and give your younger self advice what would it be?



Of all the places in the world to visit, where would you like to be/visit at this very moment and why?

Outer space! And contribute to the space program in any little way.

What would you rather, the front of Time magazine or forbes? Why?


Favorite hip-hop/music / song lyric?

I like everything Wizkid

Imagine your child is reading this 15yrs from now, say something to them.

Son, you must follow the path that leads to your happiness in life. Wealth is secondary to this.  I can lead you to the river but drinking is entirely up to you. Be true to yourself and only speak / stand for what is right. Never promise what you cannot deliver and DON’T FORGET TO PRAY. Women are Gold; treat them accordingly. Daddy loves you. God bless.


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