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‘Meet the Literati’ is a feature that aims to highlight  and feature inspiring people and stories which happen to have the ” literati persona’ acquired not by riches and material possession but by wealth of knowledge combined with a curiosity to attain, understand and appreciate things inspired by words as well as a healthy dose of substance.

With that introduction meet DJ OBI.


Introduce yourself

Hey everyone, I’m Obinna Ajuonuma aka  DJ OBI

What has been your favorite/defining moment since moving back to Nigeria?

Just being able to play along side my syndik8 family and recently djing for ice prince. Those have been major memorable moments.

 What is Nigeria to you and what does it mean to be Nigerian?

Nigeria means hustle hard to me, you work hard and make your world what it is. being nigerian means you can’t carry last, you can’t be at the bottom and not know how to survive . Always hustling, that’s the nigerian way.

 How did you find your voice / confidence in your decision to pursue your chosen profession / how did you know you wanted to do what you do?


I’ve always wanted to be a media person, i feel like it was something i was born with, being a dj is a stepping stone into that. it all just feels natural to me.

 Tell us about a significant turning point in your life.

A major turning point in my life happened june 3rd 2012, when i lost my dad in the dana air crash. it was a tough time, i had to become a full man overnight. It was a sad situation but God knows best,

What keeps you going?

The drive and the passion, the motivation to succeed is what keeps me going.

If you could go to the past and give your younger self advice what would it be?

LOL. that’s a good question. I don’t know, i actually don’t know how to answer that.

 Of all the places in the world to visit, where would you like to be/visit at this very moment and why?Fav Meat Pieedit

TRINIDAD!!! i love the vibe on that island, it’s just a happy place.

 What would you rather, the front of Time magazine or forbes? Why?

Time magazine, for being the dj that was able to break the african music scene to the world.

 Favorite hip-hop/music / song lyric?

I don’t have any

 Imagine your child is reading this 15yrs from now, say something to him/her.

  Hey kiddo, daddy loves you, always remember you were born great so don”t stop chasing your dreams, you are destined to be blessed and favor shall always follow you. I love you forever and some more forever.


From top –

DJ Obi seen in the Ankara samurai by literati clothing

Rat race revolution by literati clothing

The Hopeful Nigerian , Literati Linen Shorts and Literati Alhaji slipper.

wheels happy

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