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Introduce yourself

My names Tec,/ birth name Wale Davies/ Group name SDC Show Dem Camp

What has been your favorite/defining moment since moving back to Nigeria?

There have been a few defining moments but I think the most important one was when I decided to forge my own path and accept my gifts as a creative. That was in 2009 and is especially significant to me in an environment that does not support creativity.

What is Nigeria to you and what does it mean to be Nigerian?

Being Nigerian to me points at a higher calling. I feel change is vital for this country to progress. Change as well as enlightenment. Its a gift and a curse, yet whilst people may look at the curse part ie the stresses, the corrupt systems in place,  the injustices that go on daily. I look at it as an opportunity to be agents for change and enlightenment.  Due to the relative infancy of this country ( and by that I mean our de-colonization and adoption of the current global systems ie democracy, capitalism) there is an opportunity to really make a mark and be a trailblazer in your chosen field and this to me is an intriguing prospect.


How did you find your voice / confidence in your decision to pursue your chosen profession / how did you know you wanted to do what you do?

This has been a difficult battle and one I truly came to grips with in 2013. I have been creating music for a while yet did not understand that whilst I was using thoughts to create art, I could also use thoughts to create and manifest life. So doubts have always been a part of my make up. Yet with growth you understand the importance of faith and conviction in whatever you do and this year was when I was fortunate enough to truly make this realization.

Tell us about a significant turning point in your life.

A significant turning point for me, was leaving the corporate world in Europe to return to Nigeria/Africa.  I think that decision significantly altered the direction of my life. I’m the only one of four siblings who lives here and its been crazy, frustrating, fun, insane yet an ultimately fulfilling experience


What keeps you going?

What keeps me going is the belief that I can change and enlighten people through music and ultimately media. With the key message i am eager to spread being how to see and actualize abundance when lack and limitation have been deeply ingrained in our psyche as a race and a continent. I believe in creating opportunity and platforms for the younger generation to express their creativity so ultimately music is just one step in my journey up the ladder.  Lord willing

If you could go to the past and give your younger self advice what would it be?

I would go back and talk to my younger self about confidence,  believing and having total conviction in God and in yourself as we are made in His image. I would also tell him it is possible to be vocal about your talents without being arrogant or crass, which is something I’ve battled with over the years.


Of all the places in the world to visit, where would you like to be/visit at this very moment and why?

Despite the craziness in that region, I would really like to visit Egypt, the pyramids, the river nile and also Ethiopia

What would you rather, the front of Time magazine or forbes? Why?


I understand this question to mean legacy or wealth. I would choose legacy any day so Time. Legacy lives on…although don’t get me wrong o I want my wealth to be part of my legacy.

Favorite hip-hop song lyric?

Nas is like: freedom of jail clips inserted/ a baby’s being born/ the same time a man is murdered /the beginning and end

Nas Hate me now: People fear what they don’t understand/hate what they cant conquer/guess that’s just a theory how man became a monster

lit black male1b

Imagine your child is reading this 15yrs from now, say something to them

That life is filled with ups and downs and only God and the God given gifts we possess as humans can get us through it. Prayer is key, Positive thoughts, determination and conviction will get you far and whenever you are experiencing low points always know tomorrow will be better and with that knowledge, you can dig yourself out of any hole.

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